2008 6.6L Duramax – CAMSHAFT RELUCTOR REPLACEMENT – Removal Procedure

1. Remove the engine front cover. Refer to Engine Front Cover Replacement.
2. Remove the upper oil pan. Refer to Upper Oil Pan Replacement.

NOTE: Do not use an impact driver to remove or install the oil pump driven gear nut. Use of an impact driver may                    shear the oil pump drive gear pin in the crankshaft.

3. While holding the secondary oil pump shaft with a hex driver, remove the oil pump driven gear nut.
4. Remove the oil pump driven gear.

5. Remove the oil pump drive gear and crankshaft sensor reluctor.

6. Remove the camshaft reluctor screws.
7. Remove the camshaft reluctor.
8. Clean and inspect the camshaft reluctor for damage. Replace the reluctor if damage is found.