2008 6.6L Duramax – CLEANLINESS AND CARE

An automobile engine is a combination o f many o f the following surfaces:
• Machined
• Honed
• Polished
• Lapped

The tolerances o f these surfaces are measured in the ten-thousandths o f an inch. When you service any internal engine part, cleanliness and care are important. Apply a liberal coating o f engine oil to the friction areas during assembly in order to protect and lubricate the surfaces on initial operation. Throughout this section, practice proper cleaning and protection procedures to the machined surfaces and to the friction areas.

Engine damage may result if an abrasive paper, pad, or motorized wire brush is used to clean any engine gasket surfaces.

Whenever you remove the valve train components, keep the components in order. Follow this procedure in order to install the components in the same locations and with the same mating surfaces as when removed.


Disconnect the negative battery cables before you perform any major work on the engine. For more information on the disconnection o f the battery, refer to Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection (w/Single Battery ) or Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection (w/Auxiliarv Battery) or Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection (w/Dual Batteries).