Engine Block

The engine block utilizes a deep skirt design for increased rigidity. The cylinders are positioned in a 90 degree “V ” orientation with the number one cylinder being the right front. The block is induction hardened for increased durability. The crankshaft bearing caps are cross-bolted to enhance structural rigidity.

Upper Oil Pan

A single piece cast aluminum upper oil pan contributes to crankshaft and block rigidity while reducing overall weight.


The crankshaft is a nitride hardened steel design with five main bearings. Crankshaft thrust is controlled by the number 5 bearing.

Connecting Rods

The connecting rods are one-piece hot forged steel. The connecting rods and caps are o f a fractured split design to improve durability and reduce internal friction. The connecting rod small end is tapered cut for reduced weight and improved durability.


The pistons are a full-floating design. The piston pins are a slip fit in the bronze bushed connecting rod and are retained in the piston by round wire retainers. The pistons have a piston cooling oil channel cast inside o f the piston. These cooling oil channels utilize an oil jet located at the bottom o f the cylinder bore to direct oil into the piston channel. There are two compression rings and one oil control ring. There is a groove machined into the pistons between the first and second compression rings. This groove reduces compression ring leakage by providing an empty space for expanding gases, reducing the combustion gas pressure on the second compression ring.

Cylinder Heads

The cylinder heads are made o f aluminum for lighter weight and rapid heat dissipation. There are 4 valves per cylinder and the ports are o f a high swirl design for improved combustion. The cylinder head gaskets consist o f an all steel laminated construction.

Valve Train

The engine utilizes a mechanical roller lifter for valve operation. The shaft mounted rocker arms have roller tips for reduced friction and wear. One rocker arm operates two valves simultaneously through a valve bridge.

Fuel System

The fuel system is o f a direct injection fuel rail design. A high pressure pump mounted within the valley is gear driven directly from the camshaft. This pump provides a continuous and constant high pressure fuel supply to the fuel rails. The electronically controlled fuel injectors receive their fuel supply from these fuel rails. The fuel injection control utilizes a pilot injection method to reduce the combustion noise that is common in traditional diesel engines. The pilot injection method reduces noise by supplying a small amount o f fuel to the cylinder just before the normal
combustion timing.


The turbocharger is water cooled for improved durability.

Oil Cooler

The oil cooler lowers engine temperature by cooling the oil with engine coolant. Engine coolant is directed from the water pump to the oil cooler by a coolant tube. The oil filter attaches directly to the oil cooler.

Oil Pump

The oil pump is gear driven directly from the crankshaft. The oil pump drive gear is a slip fit to the crankshaft.

Water Pump

The water pump is gear driven for improved reliability.

Eugine Covers

There is a front engine cover and a flywheel housing, both are made o f aluminum. The full bell flywheel housing is cross bolted to the upper oil pan. The flywheel housing also supplies a crossover passage for engine coolant. The front engine cover houses the gear train and provides a mounting surface for the cooling fan pulley assembly.