2008 6.6L Duramax – Engine Front Cover Replacement – Removal Procedure

and Connection (w/Single Battery ) or Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection (w/Auxiliary                    Battery) or Battery Negative Cable Disconnection and Connection (w/Dual Batteries).
2. Remove the water pump. Refer to Water Pump Replacement (L M M ).
3. Remove the crankshaft front oil seal. Refer to Crankshaft Front Oil Seal Replacement.
4. Remove the right wheelhouse panel. Refer to Front Wheelhouse Liner Replacement – Right Side (GMC) or Front         Wheelhouse Liner Replacement – Right Side (Chevrolet) .
5. Disconnect the crankshaft position (CKP) sensor electrical connector.

6 . Remove the CKP sensor bolt and sensor.
7. Remove the CKP sensor spacer bolts and spacer.
8 . Remove and discard the O-rings from the sensor and the spacer.

9. Remove the upper oil pan to engine front cover bolts.

10. Remove the engine front cover bolts.
11. Separate the engine front cover from the cylinder block and upper oil pan using J 37228 . See Special Tools .

IMPORTANT: Do not bend the turbocharger coolant pipe.

12. Remove the engine front cover.

13. If necessary, remove the pressure relief valve O-ring.
14. Clean and inspect the front cover. Refer to Engine Front Cover Cleaning and Inspection .