2008 6.6L Duramax – FUEL IN ENGINE OIL

Definition: If fuel is suspected o f leaking into the crankcase, the following procedure should be performed to verify the condition.

1. Remove the oil level indicator and allow oil to drop onto a clean white paper towel.
2. If the oil is diluted with fuel, it will become apparent as the towel wicks the fuel away from the drop o f oil on the        towel. The fuel will expand out in a ring around the oil droplet.

3. If fuel dilution is apparent, refer to Fuel Leak Diagnosis for diagnosis and repair. Inspect the vehicle for                        aftermarket performance accessories that may cause damage to the injection pump. After repairs are completed,        perform the test again to verify the condition is corrected.
4. If no fuel dilution is present, verify the oil level and correct as needed.