2008 6.6L Duramax – CYLINDER HEAD REPLACEMENT – RIGHT SIDE – Removal Procedure

1. Remove the thermostat housing crossover. Refer to Thermostat Housing Crossover Replacement (L M M ).
2. Remove the intake manifold. Refer to Intake Manifold Replacement – Right Side.
3. Remove the exhaust manifold. Refer to Exhaust Manifold Replacement – Right Side (6.6L) .
4. Remove the valve rocker arm shaft, pushrods, and valve bridges. Refer to Valve Rocker Arm, Shaft, and Push Rod      Replacement.
5. Remove the glow plugs. Refer to Glow Plug Replacement – Bank 1 .
6 . Remove the cylinder head bolts in the sequence shown.
7. Discard the large M 12 bolts.

8 . Remove the cylinder head.
9. Remove and discard the cylinder head gasket.
10. Clean the sealing surface o f the engine block and the cylinder head.

11. Clean the cylinder head bolt holes in the engine block.
12. For service to the cylinder head refer to the following:
• Cylinder Head Disassemble
• Cylinder Head Cleaning and Inspection
• Cylinder Head Assemble