2008 6.6L Duramax – CYLINDER HEAD REPLACEMENT – LEFT SIDE – Removal Procedure

1. Remove the thermostat housing crossover. Refer to Thermostat Housing Crossover Replacement (LMM).
2. Remove the intake manifold. Refer to Intake Manifold Replacement – Left Side.
3. Remove the exhaust manifold. Refer to Exhaust Manifold Replacement – Left Side (6.6L) .
4. Remove the bolt and ground straps from the rear o f the cylinder head.
5. Remove the valve rocker arm shaft, pushrods, and valve bridges. Refer to Valve Rocker Arm, Shaft, and Push Rod       Replacement.
6. Remove the glow plugs. Refer to Glow Plug Replacement – Bank 2 .
7. Remove the cylinder head bolts in the sequence shown.
8. Discard the large M 12 bolts.

9. Remove the cylinder head.
10. Remove and discard the cylinder head gasket.
11. Clean the sealing surface o f the engine block and the cylinder head.

12. Clean the cylinder head bolt holes in the engine block.
13. For service to the cylinder head refer to the following:
• Cylinder Head Disassemble
• Cylinder Head Cleaning and Inspection
• Cylinder Head Assemble