2008 6.6L Duramax – UPPER OIL PAN REPLACEMENT – Removal Procedure

1. Remove the oil level indicator.
2. Remove the oil level indicator tube bolt from the indicator tube bracket.
3. If vehicle is a 4-wheel drive (4W D ), remove the front differential carrier. Refer to Differential Carrier Assembly          Replacement (1500 FWD) or Differential Carrier Assembly Replacement (2500 4 W D ).
4. If vehicle is a 2 -wheel drive (2W D ), disconnect the relay rod from the pitman arm and idler arm Refer to Relay        Rod Replacement.
5. Remove the lower oil pan. Refer to Lower Oil Pan Replacement.
6. Remove the engine flywheel. Refer to Engine Flywheel Replacement.

7. Remove the battery cable bracket bolts.

8. Remove the battery cable bracket nut.

9. Remove the two flywheel housing to upper oil pan bolts.

10. Remove the upper oil pan bolts and any brackets. Mark the bolt location o f the bracket.
11. Separate the upper oil pan from the engine block using J 37228 . See Special Tools .
12. Remove the upper oil pan. The oil level indicator tube needs to be removed while lowering the upper oil pan.
13. If required, clean and inspect the upper oil pan. Refer to Upper Oil Pan Cleaning and Inspection.