1. Remove the intake manifold cover. Refer to Intake Manifold Cover Replacement.
2. Remove the air cleaner outlet duct. Refer to Air Cleaner Outlet Duct Replacement.
3. Remove the charged air cooler outlet duct. Refer to Charge Air Cooler Outlet Pipe Replacement.
4. Remove the exhaust gas recirculation (E G R ) cooler tube. Refer to Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Cooler                   Replacement.
5. Remove the heater outlet hose bolt from the bracket.
6 . Position the heater outlet hose out o f the way.

7. Remove the wiring harness retainer from the bracket.
8. Remove the oil level indicator tube bolt (1).
9. Remove the oil level indicator tube bracket bolts (2).
10. Remove the bracket.

11. Remove the fuel filter bracket bolts.
12. Reposition the fuel filter with bracket.
13. Remove the positive crankcase ventilation (PC V ) hose/pipe. Refer to Positive Crankcase Ventilation                              Hose/Pipe/Tube Replacement.

14. Remove the engine harness bracket bolt.
15. Position engine harness brackets aside.

16. Prior to removing the fuel injector pipes, use compressed air to blow any debris from between the injector line            and fittings. Wipe the fittings clean of debris.
17. Spray lithium grease between the fuel injector line and fittings to assist in containing any debris during removal.        Refer to Sealers, Adhesives, and Lubricants for the correct part number.

18. Remove the right fuel injector pipes.

19. Remove the upper valve rocker arm cover bolts.
20. Remove the upper valve rocker arm cover.
21. Remove the upper valve rocker arm cover gasket.
22. Inspect the upper valve rocker arm cover gasket for damage, replace if necessary. Otherwise reuse the old gasket.
23. If required, clean and inspect the upper valve rocker arm cover. Refer to Valve Rocker Arm Cover Cleaning and           Inspection – Upper .