2008 6.6L Duramax – VALVE STEM OIL SEAL AND VALVE SPRING REPLACEMENT – Installation Procedure

1. Install the valve spring lower seat.
2. Install the valve stem seal using J 44640 . See Special Tools .

3. Install the valve spring (3), the painted end o f the valve spring goes toward the cylinder head.

4. Install the valve spring upper seat (2).

5. Using J 44646 compress the valve spring. See Special Tools .
6 . Install the valve keys to the valve stem.

NOTE: The valve stem keys must correctly seat in the valve spring cap. Engine damage may occur by not installing                    properly.

7. Carefully release the valve spring pressure. Make sure the valve keys stay in place.
8 . Continue to install the 3 remaining valve stem seals for the cylinder.

9. Release the compressed air holding the valves in place.
10. Remove J 26999-20 (1) from the glow plug hole.
11. Continue to replace the valve stem seals on the remaining cylinders using the above procedures.
12. Install the glow plug. Refer to Glow Plug Replacement – Bank 1 or Glow Plug Replacement – Bank 2 .

13. Install the valve rocker arm shaft, the valve bridges, and the push rods. Refer to Valve Rocker Arm, Shaft, and              Push Rod Replacement.
14. Install the upper and lower fan shroud. Refer to Engine Coolant Fan Lower Shroud Replacement (Mechanical)            and Engine Coolant Fan Upper Shroud Replacement (Mechanical) or Engine Coolant Fan Upper Shroud                       Replacement (Automatic Transmission – Diesel).