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Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 001-008   Camshaft

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NOTE: It is possible to remove the camshaft without removing the cylinder head. The cam followers can be tied up and away from the camshaft with wire.

With the cylinder head installed, raise the cam follower assemblies. Use a wire to tie the cam followers up and away from the camshaft.

At the front of the engine, rotate the camshaft to align the holes in the front camshaft gear with the thrust plate capscrews.

Remove the thrust plate capscrews.


Rotate the engine to lock the crankshaft in place with the crankshaft locking pin, Part Number 2892115. Insert the pin in the hole in the crankshaft timing pin boss.

The colored band on the timing pin will be lined up with the surface of the timing pin boss of the block when seated correctly.

The pin is not correctly seated in the crankshaft notch if the colored band is either completely visible outside the block, or is not visible at all.


Remove the camshaft rear cover plate. Refer to Procedure 001-011 in Section 1.

Install three fully threaded, 3 inch long or greater, 1/2 inch UNC capscrews into the three bolt pattern shown.

Tighten the capscrews.

Torque Value:  6.7  n.m  [60 in-lb]

This will secure the rear camshaft gear into position while removing and installing the camshaft from the front of the engine.

Remove the five rear camshaft capscrews and clamping plate from the rear camshaft gear.

NOTE: The camshaft can now rotate separate of the camshaft gear.


Screw the stud adapters into the rear nose of the camshaft.


Place the camshaft guide onto the stud adapters as illustrated, without the wedge installed at this time. This will allow the guide to pass through the smaller bore  rear camshaft gear.

Thread the mounting capscrews through the camshaft guide and into the stud adapters.


From the front of the engine, rotate and pull the camshaft until the front of the second camshaft journal is flush with the front gear housing.

The camshaft guide should be past the rear camshaft gear.


To prevent forward movement of the camshaft during installation of the expanding wedge, temporarily install the L-shaped clamp to the front of the gear housing as illustrated.


Rotate the camshaft 180 degrees. The plastic guide must be downward.

Fully insert the expanding wedge into the assembly and secure with an Allen head screw. This is to prevent the wedge from falling into the oil pan during the removal of the camshaft.


Remove the L-shaped clamp from the front of the gear housing.


The plastic guide must be resting along the bottom of the camshaft bore.

Remove the camshaft  by pulling slightly, with minor  movement of the camshaft, to carefully work the camshaft through the camshaft bushings. As each camshaft journal passes through a bushing, the camshaft will drop slightly and the camshaft lobes will catch on the bushings.  Movement of  the camshaft will free the lobe from the bushing and allow the camshaft to be removed.

Remove the camshaft guide tool kit.


If necessary, unlock the crankshaft by removing the crankshaft locking pin, Part Number 2892115.

Last Modified:  10-Jan-2011