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Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 001-023   Crankshaft Seal, Front

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In order for the seal to be properly centered on the crankshaft during assembly and maintain its location during operation, the following installation instructions must be followed.

The crankshaft seal removal and installation tool correctly centers and positions the seal on the crankshaft.


Apply soapy water to the outer rubber surface of the crankshaft seal.

NOTE: No lubricants, other than soapy water, should be used when installing the front crankshaft seal.


Guide the front crankshaft seal and seal installation spacer onto the crankshaft.

NOTE: The installation spacer is used to make sure of the correction installation depth of the crankshaft seal. The larger lipped side of the spacer should contact the replacer plate.


Install the three studs from the crankshaft replacer kit, Part Number 4918991, into the end of the crankshaft.


Position the replacer plate over the three studs so that it contacts the installation spacer.

Install the washers and hex nuts onto the studs so that they contact the replacer plate.



The crankshaft seal must be pressed evenly. If the crankshaft seal is not pressed in evenly, the seal can be damaged.

Inspect the crankshaft seal during installation to make certain it is being pressed evenly.

Tighten the capscrew(s) no more than ½ of a revolution at a time, alternating in a clockwise pattern until the replacer plate contacts the front seal cover plate.

Tighten the hex nuts.

Torque Value:  16  n.m  [142 in-lb]


Remove the hex nuts, washers, replacer plate, installation spacer, and studs.

Last Modified:  28-Jun-2010