Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 001-024   Crankshaft Seal, Rear

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The rear crankshaft seal requires the rear crankshaft seal replacer kit, Part Number 3164780, for the seal removal and installation.

  1. Replacer plate
  2. Pilot drill
  3. Replacer screw
  4. Self-tapping screw x 10
  5. Stud x 3
  6. Hex nut x 3.

Use three flywheel mounting capscrews to secure the replacer plate (1) to the crankshaft.

NOTE: Three stud screws (5) and three hex nuts (6) are required for some engines with flywheel mounting capscrews that are too short to mount the replacer plate (1) to the crankshaft.

Install a pilot drill (2) into one of the holes in the rear crankshaft seal tool and drill a hole through the seal casing.

Remove the pilot drill (2) and repeat the procedure for at least two more evenly spaced holes of the rear crankshaft seal tool. As many as six holes may be drilled to assist in removing the rear crankshaft seal.

NOTE: Three guide pins, Part Number 3164765, are required on rear engine power take-off (REPTO) applications to support the REPTO crankshaft gear and the replacer plate.


Install at least three self-tapping screws (1) into the replacer plate (2).

Remove the flywheel capscrews from the rear crankshaft seal tool.

Install the replacer screw (3) into the center hole of the replacer plate and turn the screw clockwise to remove the seal.

Last Modified:  20-May-2010