Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 001-115   Idler Gear, Camshaft Rear

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NOTE: Place a mark anywhere on the camshaft gear and housing so that any camshaft rotation can be seen.  If the camshaft rotates while the idler gear is removed, the engine will have to be static timed.

Remove the camshaft idler gear as an assembly. Leave the snap ring on the shaft and remove the capscrew.

Disassemble the idler gear assembly. The components are listed below.

  1. Capscrew
  2. Snap ring
  3. Front thrust bearing
  4. Idler gear
  5. Rear thrust bearing
  6. Idler gear shaft
  7. Dowel rod.


Mark or tag the individual pieces of the idler gear assembly and attach them together.

Last Modified:  09-Jun-2010