Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 006-051   Injector Supply Lines (High Pressure)

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Depending on the circumstance, diesel fuel is flammable. When inspecting or performing service or repairs on the fuel system, to reduce the possibility of fire and resulting severe personal injury, death or property damage, never smoke or allow sparks or flames (such as pilot lights, electrical switches, or welding equipment) in the work area.

Handle the fuel system components with care.  Handling damage to the fuel lines or fuel connectors can cause fuel leaks.

It is recommended that injector supply line be installed at the same location each time the injector supply line is removed. Mark or tag the injector supply line with the cylinder number to keep track of the correct position of each injector supply line.

Loosen the fuel lines at the fuel rail, fuel connector, and the fuel line at the high-pressure fuel pump.

Use a second wrench to prevent the fuel pump head outlet fitting from rotating while loosening the nut on the pump to rail line.

Remove the high-pressure fuel lines.

NOTE: Lines 2 and 3 are common, and lines 4, 5, and 6 are common.

Last Modified:  11-Jun-2010