Cummins ISX11.9 CM2250 – Service Manual 016-005   Flywheel

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This component weighs 23 kg [50 lb] or more. To reduce the possibility of personal injury, use a hoist or get assistance to lift this component.

NOTE: Use the barring tool, Part Number 4919092, to hold the flywheel to prevent rotation.

Use flywheel capscrew socket, Part Number 2892191, to remove two capscrews 180 degrees apart.

Install two guide pins. Use guide pin kit, Part Number 3163157.

NOTE: If a clutch is used in the equipment, the threads in the clutch pressure plate mounting capscrew holes can be metric or standard. Be sure to use the correct capscrews.

Determine the capscrew thread design and size, and install two T-handles in the flywheel at points (1 and 2).

Use a hoist, two t-handles, and a lifting sling. Install the tee-handles. Use flywheel capscrew socket, Part Number 2892191, to remove the remaining ten capscrews and the flywheel.

Use a soft-faced mallet to tap the flywheel from the crankshaft, if necessary. Damage to the clutch surface can occur if a hard-faced hammer is used.

Last Modified:  06-Jan-2011