1. Disconnect the battery negative cable.
2. Remove the engine cover.
3. Remove air cleaner assembly.
4. Drain cooling system.
5. Remove accessory drive belt.
6. Remove fan and fan drive assembly.
7. Remove coolant bottle and washer bottle.
8. Remove fan shroud.

NOTE: It is not necessary to disconnect Ale lines or discharge refrigerant.

9. Remove A/C compressor and set aside.
10. Remove the generator.
11. Remove upper radiator hose.
12. Disconnect both heater hoses at timing cover.
13. Disconnect lower radiator hose at engine.
14. Remove accessory drive belt tensioner and both idler pulleys.
15. Remove crankshaft damper (2) (Refer to 9 – Remove crankshaft damper (2) (Refer to 9 – ENGINE/ENGINE BLOCK/VIBRATION DAMPER – REMOVAL).

NOTE: Do not remove the hoses from the power steering pump.

16. Remove power steering pump and set aside.

17. Remove the dipstick support bolt.
18. Drain the engine oil.

19. Remove the oil pan and pick up tube (Refer to 9 – ENGINE/LUBRICATION/OIL PAN – REMOVAL).

NOTE: It is not necessary to remove water pump for timing cover removal.

20. Remove timing cover bolts and remove cover.
21. Verify that timing cover slide bushings (1) are located in timing cover.

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