CAUTION: The longer push rods are for the exhaust side, and the shorter push rods are for intake side.
1. Install the push rods in the same order as removed.
2. Install the push rod retainer (1) 9070.

CAUTION: The rocker shaft assemblies are not interchangeable between intake and exhaust, failure to install in the correct location could result in engine damage. The intake rocker arms are marked with the letter “I”.
3. Install rocker shaft assemblies in the same order as removed.
4. Tighten the rocker shaft bolts to 22 N·m (195 in. Ibs.) as shown.
CAUTION: DO NOT rotate or crank the engine during or immediately after rocker arm installation.
Allow the hydraulic roller tappets adequate time to bleed down (about 5 minutes).

5. Remove push rod retainer (1) 9070.

6. Install cylinder head cover (Refer to 9 – ENGINE/CYLINDER HEAD/CYLINDER HEAD COVER(S) –


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