1. Disconnect negative battery cable.
2. Remove air cleaner assembly.
3. Remove air intake resonator.
4. Remove ignition coil connector (1).
5. Remove ignition coils (2).
6. Remove one spark plug.

7. Remove cylinder head cover (1) using the sequence shown (Refer to 9 – ENGINE/CYLINDER HEAD/CYLINDER        HEAD COVER(S) – REMOVAL).

CAUTION: The piston must be at TDC, and both valves closed on the cylinder to be serviced.
NOTE: If removing intake valve spring, install push rod retaining plate 9070, (1), to retain the intake push rods (2).

8. Remove exhaust/intake rocker arm shafts using the sequence shown.

9. Install rocker arm shaft 9065 (1).


10. Install spring compressor 9065 (1,3,) and exhaust adapter arm (1) if needed.
NOTE: All valve springs and seals are removed In the same manner.

11. Insert air hose (1) into spark plug hole and charge cylinder with air.
NOTE: Tap the top of the valve spring retainer to loosen the spring retainers locks.
12. Compress valve spring with valve spring compressor 9065 (3) and remove valve retainer locks.
13. Release spring compressor (3) and remove valve spring.
NOTE: The valve springs are interchangeable between intake and exhaust.
14. Remove valve seal.


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