1. If tensioner (1) assembly is being replaced. install tensioner and mounting bolts. Tighten bolts to 28 N·m (250 in.
2. Retract tensioner (2) if required.

CAUTION: The timing chain must be installed with the single plated link aligned with the dot and or paint marking on the camshaft sprocket. The crankshaft sprocket is aligned with the dot and or paint marking on the sprocket between two plated timing chain links.

CAUTION: The camshaft pin and the slot in the cam sprocket must be clocked at 12:00. The crankshaft keyway must be clocked at 2:00. The crankshaft sprocket must be installed so that the dots and or paint marking is at 6:00.

3. Place timing chain around both sprockets with timing marks aligned with the plated links.
4. Slide both sprockets (2,3) evenly over their respective shafts and check alignment of timing marks.
5. Install the camshaft bolt. Tighten the bolt to 122 N·m (90 ft. Ibs.).

6. Remove tensioner pin. (1) Again, verify alignment of timing marks.

7. Install the oil pump (Refer to 9 – ENGINE/LUBRICATION/OIL PUMP – INSTALLATION).
8. Install the oil pan and pick up (Refer to 9 – ENGINE/LUBRICATION/OIL PAN – INSTALLATION).

9. Install the timing chain cover (Refer to 9 – ENGINENALVE TIMING/TIMING BELT / CHAIN COVER(S) –                     INSTALLATION).
10. Fill engine with oil.
11. Fill cooling system (Refer to 7 – COOLING – STANDARD PROCEDURE).
12. Connect battery negative cable.
13. Start engine and check for leaks.

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