1. Disconnect battery negative cable.
2. Drain cooling system.
3. Remove liming Chain Cover (1).
4. Re-install the vibration damper bolt finger tight.
Using a suitable socket and breaker bar, rotate the crankshaft to align timing chain sprockets and keyways as                shown.
CAUTION: The camshaft pin and the slot in the cam sprocket must be clocked at 12:00 (2). The crankshaft keyway must be clocked at 2:00 (3). The crankshaft sprocket must be installed so that the dots and or paint marking is at 6:00.

5. Remove oil pump.

6. Retract tensioner shoe (1) until hole in shoe lines up with hole in bracket.

7. Install Tensioner Pin 8514 (1) into the holes.

8. Remove camshaft sprocket attaching bolt and remove timing chain with crankshaft and camshaft sprockets (2).
9. If tensioner assembly is to be replaced, remove the tensioner to block bolts and remove tensioner assembly.




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