6.7L Cummins Mounting Adaptations – Engine Mounts – Inspect for Reuse

Inspect all rubber-cushioned mounts for cracks and other damage. Look for interference or contact between metal
Inspect all mounting brackets for cracks and damaged bolt holes.
Inspect the mounting cap screw to make sure it is not too long, which will not provide enough preload on the mount.
Replace any damaged parts as necessary.
NOTE: Damaged engine mounts, brackets, and mounting hardware can cause the engine to move out of alignment
and damage the driveline components in the equipment.
This can result in vibration complaints.

Inspect the cap screw for the following:
• Damaged threads
• Rust or corrosion-caused pitting
• Nicked, bent, stretched, or galled.
The cap screw must be replaced if it has any of the listed damages.

For barrel mounts, inspect for signs of contact between the side brackets and the front engine support bracket.
Contact between the engine mount and side brackets can cause vibration complaints. If contact is found, replace the
front engine support bracket.