6.7L Cummins Mounting Adaptations – Flywheel Housing – Assemble

For wet flywheel housings, apply pipe sealant, Part Number 3375066, to any threaded plugs previously
Install and tighten the plugs. Refer to Procedure 017-007 in Section 17.

Install the access plate and new gasket.
Install the cap screws and tighten.
Torque Value: 24 N•m [ 212 in-lb]
NOTE: If a gasket was not previously installed, apply sealant, Part Number 3164067, to the perimeter of the
access plate.

For rear gear train engines, install the barring gear hole plug with a new o-ring.

For rear gear train engines with externally mounted breather systems, lubricate the a-ring on the closed
crankcase ventilation tube adapter with clean engine oil.
Install the breather tube adapter in the flywheel housing. Install the cap screw and clamp plate to secure the
breather tube adapter to the flywheel housing.
Torque Value: 24 N•m [ 212 in-lb]