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6.7L Cummins Mounting Adaptations – Flywheel – Install

Install two M12 x 1.25 x 90-mm guide pins into the crankshaft flange 180 degrees apart.
NOTE: If a clutch is used in the equipment, the threads in the clutch pressure plate mounting cap screw holes can be
metric or standard. Be sure to use the correct cap screws.
Determine the cap screw thread design and size, and install two T-handles into the flywheel (at points 1 and 2).

Inspect the rear face of crankshaft and flywheel mounting flange for cleanliness and raised nicks or burrs.
Install the flywheel on the guide pins.

Lubricate the threads of the cap screws and the surface of the washers with clean lubricating engine oil .

Install the six cap screws.
Remove the T-handles and guide pins.
Install the remaining cap screws into the holes from which the guide pins were removed.

NOTE: Use the barring tool, Part Number 3824591, to hold the flywheel to prevent rotation.
Tighten the cap screws in a star pattern.