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7.3L Power Stroke – CYLINDER HEADS – Installation

1.Install the cylinder head gasket. Using the Cylinder Head Lifting Tool (303-D098, D94T-6000-B) and Heavy Duty     Floor Crane (014-00071), with an assistant, lift the cylinder head and position it on the cylinder block. See Fig.             104. Remove the heavy duty floor crane and cylinder head lifting tool.
CAUTION: DO NOT apply excessive amount of engine oil on threads of cylinder head bolts or threads and/or                sealing surfaces may be damaged. DO NOT use any other lubricants on threads of cylinder head bolts except                engine oil.

2. Install and tighten cylinder head bolts in sequence, using a 3 step process, to specification.
3. Clean and inspect the glow plug tip for damage. Install the glow plugs and connect the glow plug electrical                    connector. See Fig. 103. Tighten glow plugs to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
4. Install the fuel injector retaining stud. Raise and support the vehicle. Install the nuts and bolts into the exhaust            manifold and the exhaust inlet pipe. See Fig. 98. Tighten the exhaust inlet pipe nuts and bolts to specification. See      TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
5. Lower the vehicle. Install the fuel injectors. See FUEL INJECTORS. Connect the fuel supply line. See Fig. 102.
6. Install the fuel supply line retainer bolt. See Fig. 101. Tighten fuel supply line retainer bolt to specification. See            TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
7. Connect the high pressure oil hose and ensure the fitting is correctly connected. Install the rocker arms and push        rods. See ROCKER ARM ASSEMBLY & PUSH ROD. Install the valve cover. See VALVE COVERS.
8. Position the generator mounting bracket and install the retaining bolts. See Fig. 17. Tighten generator mounting         bracket bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
9. Connect the generator electrical connections. Connect the injection pressure sensor electrical connector. See Fig.        100. Connect the power steering lines to the power steering pump.
10. Install the accessory drive belt. Install the turbocharger compressor manifold. Install the air inlet tube, duct and          inlet duct bracket and turbocharger intake tube. See Fig. 73.
11. Drain and refill the engine oil and install a NEW oil filter. Fill and bleed the cooling system. See COOLING                   SYSTEM BLEEDING. Fill and bleed the power steering system. See POWER STEERING SYSTEM BLEEDING.
12. Reconnect negative battery cable. If vehicle is equipped with dual batteries, connect both negative battery cables.        Start the engine and check for cylinder head leakage.