7.3L Power Stroke – ENGINE – REMOVAL


1. Disconnect both battery ground cables. Loosen the clamps and remove the air cleaner outlet tube.
2. Remove the air intake tube and adapter. Loosen the air intake tube clamp. See Fig. 5.
Remove the air intake tube adapter bolts. Lift the tube and adapter, disconnect the wastegate pressure hose, and        remove the tube and adapter from the vehicle.

3. Partially drain the cooling system. See COOLING SYSTEM BLEEDING. Remove the wing bolt and lug wrench.             Squeeze the clamp and remove the overflow hose.
4. Remove the degas bottle retaining bolts. See Fig. 6. Squeeze the clamp and remove the degas bottle supply hose.           Remove the degas bottle.

5. On vehicles equipped with A/C, recover the refrigerant. Discharge A/C system, using approved refrigerant                    recovery/recycling equipment. See RECOVERY, EVACUATION & RECHARGING in GENERAL SERVICING                PROCEDURES article in GENERAL SERVICING.
6. Remove the radiator grille, and the radiator grille opening panel. See RADIATOR GRILLE (EXCURSION & “F”           SERIES). Remove the bolts and position the hood latch aside. Remove the right side air deflector push pins. See         Fig. 7.

7. Remove the air charge cooler retainers. See Fig. 8. Remove the radiator bolts and the brackets. See Fig. 9. Detach        the battery cable retainers and position the battery cables aside.

8. Remove the 8 radiator upper support bolts and the radiator upper support. See Fig. 10. Remove the radiator sight      shield. See Fig. 11.

9. On vehicles equipped with A/C, disconnect the A/C condenser core inlet and outlet tubes. See Fig. 12. Remove the      A/C condenser.

10. On all vehicles, loosen the inlet and outlet duct clamps and remove the inlet and outlet ducts from the charge air         cooler. See Fig. 13. Detach the ducts from the air charge cooler.

11. Remove the air charge cooler. Disconnect the upper radiator hose from the radiator.
Remove the bolts and position the fan shroud on the fan. See Fig. 14.

12. Raise and support the vehicle. Disconnect the degas supply and lower radiator hoses from the radiator. Lower              the vehicle. Remove the radiator and fan shroud.

13. Using the Fan Pulley Holding Wrench (303-478, T94T-6312-AH) and Fan Clutch Nut Wrench (303-214, T83T-            6312-B), remove the fan and the fan clutch from the water pump pulley. Rotate the belt tensioner                                    counterclockwise and remove the drive belt.
14. Disconnect the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor hose from the turbocharger compressor manifold. See        Fig. 15. Remove the engine ground cable from the right side of the engine block. Remove the ground cable nut.            See Fig. 16. Remove the starter wire retaining bracket. Remove the engine ground cable.

15. On vehicles equipped with A/C, disconnect the A/C compressor electrical connector.
Disconnect the A/C manifold from the A/C compressor.
16. On all vehicles, disconnect the power steering hoses from power steering pump. Disconnect the generator                       electrical connectors.
17. Remove the generator mounting bracket bolts. See Fig. 17. Remove the generator mounting bracket. Remove the        bolt from the left front of the engine block. See Fig. 18.

18. Disconnect the engine control sensor wiring electrical connector. See Fig. 19.

19. On vehicles equipped with dual generators, disconnect the lower generator electrical connectors.
20. Remove the fusible link retaining nuts. See Fig. 20. Disconnect the cable and the fusible link. Disconnect the                 ground strap. See Fig. 21. Disconnect the heater return hose. See Fig 22.

21. Disconnect the heater supply hose. See Fig. 23. Remove the turbocharger. See TURBOCHARGER. Using the Fuel        Line Tool (310-5039, T90T-9550-S), disconnect the fuel lines. See Fig. 24.

22. Remove the fuel line retaining bolt. See Fig. 25. Remove the idler pulley bolt and remove the idler pulley. See               Fig. 26.

23. Remove the nuts and position the glow plug and intake air heater relays aside. See Fig. 27.
Remove the bolts and the water outlet tube. See Fig. 28. Install 2 engine lift adapters. See Fig. 29. Install the                 Lifting Eye (303-D099, D94T-6000-C) on the right side cylinder head. See Fig. 30.

24. On vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, raise and support the vehicle.
Disconnect the starter electrical connector nuts. See Fig. 31. Remove the battery cable.
Remove the starter solenoid wire.

25. Remove the 3 bolts and the starter. See Fig. 32. Remove the torque converter housing cover. Mark one stud and          the flex plate for assembly reference and remove the torque converter-to-flex plate nuts.

26. On vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, remove the transmission. See CLUTCHES article for 2002               models or MANUAL TRANSMISSION for 2003 models.
27. On all vehicles, remove the oil filter and disconnect the block heater electrical connector. See Fig. 33. Remove               the engine mount nuts. See Fig. 34.

28. On vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. Remove the transmission-to-engine bolts. Lower the                 vehicle. Use a wood block and a suitable jack to support the transmission.
See Fig. 35. Remove the transmission oil level indicator tube. See Fig. 36.

29. On all vehicles, install the Heavy Duty Floor Crane (014-00071) and the Diesel Engine Lifting Bracket (303-                 D043, D83T-6000-B) on the engine. See Fig. 37. Raise the engine high enough to clear the No. 1 crossmember             and pull the engine forward out of the vehicle.
Remove the engine lifting equipment from the engine.