7.3L Power Stroke – FUEL INJECTORS – Installation

1. Position the fuel injector sleeve onto the Injector Sleeve Replacer (303-D109, D94T-9000-C). Apply Threadlock®      620 to the very bottom (smallest diameter) and very top (largest diameter) flat areas. See Fig. 56.

2. Position the fuel injector sleeve into the cylinder head fuel injector bore. Seat the fuel injector sleeve in the fuel             injector bore, using a rubber mallet. Remove injector sleeve replacer from the cylinder head fuel injector bore.
3. Using the injector sleeve brush, part of Injector Sleeve Brush Set (303-DS110, D94T-9000-D), clean the fuel                 injector sleeve and bore. Remove any sealant residue from the fuel injector bore.
4. Install NEW “O” rings on the fuel injector. See Fig. 57. Lubricate the fuel injector and “O” rings liberally with                clean engine oil. Install the cylinder heads. See CYLINDER HEADS.

5. Using the Injector Replacer (303-492, T94T-9000-AH2), seat the fuel injector into the cylinder head fuel injector       bore. See Fig. 58. Install the fuel injector outboard retaining bolts and tighten to specification. See Fig. 52. See             TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.

6. Install the oil deflector on the fuel injector hold-down plate. See Fig. 51. Install the oil drain plugs. See Fig. 50.            Tighten oil drain plugs to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. Tighten the fuel drain plug located at            the rear of each cylinder head to specification.
7. Position the valve cover gasket onto the cylinder head. Install the fuel charging wiring harness. See FUEL                      CHARGING WIRING HARNESS. Install the valve covers. See VALVE COVERS.