7.3L Power Stroke – HIGH-PRESSURE OIL PUMP – Removal

1. On Excursion and “F” series vehicles, disconnect the air charge cooler inlet and outlet pipes.
See Fig. 73. Label and disconnect the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor electrical connector, Manifold Absolute      Pressure (MAP) sensor electrical connector and the pressure hoses. See Fig. 74. Loosen the compressor manifold        clamps and remove the compressor manifold. Remove and discard the compressor manifold “O” ring seal. See            Fig. 75.

2. Remove the fuel filter/water separator assembly. See FUEL FILTER/WATER SEPARATOR.
3. Remove the high-pressure oil pump reservoir plug. See Fig. 76. Using the Oil Suction Gun (303-D104, D94T-              9000-A), remove the oil from the high-pressure oil pump reservoir.

4. Using the High-Pressure Line Disconnect Tool (303-625), remove the hoses from the high-pressure oil pump. See       Fig. 77. Disconnect the Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) valve harness connector. See Fig. 78.

5. Remove the bolts and the cover from the engine front cover. See Fig. 79. Position the wiring harness aside.                    Remove the drive gear bolt and washer from the drive gear. See Fig. 80.

NOTE: If a NEW high-pressure oil pump is to be installed, remove the oil pressure regulator from the pump.


6. Remove the high-pressure oil pump bolts and the high-pressure oil pump from the engine front cover. See Fig. 81.       Remove and discard the high-pressure oil pump gasket. Remove the IPR valve from the oil pump. See Fig. 82.
NOTE: Make sure that the drive gear is fully seated on the high-pressure oil pump before installing the bolt and           washer. Otherwise, the drive gear may not seat properly, causing binding or slippage resulting in a no oil flow               condition.

7. To install, reverse removal procedure. Install a NEW compressor manifold “O” ring seal.
Tighten fasteners to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.