7.3L Power Stroke – OVERHAUL – CYLINDER HEAD – Cylinder Head

1. Check cylinder head for cracks and warpage at cylinder head gasket surface. Replace cylinder head if warpage              exceeds specification. See CYLINDER HEAD table under ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS. DO NOT resurface cylinder      head.
2. Measure cylinder head height from top of valve cover gasket surface on cylinder head to cylinder head gasket                surface. Replace cylinder head if cylinder head height is not within specification. See CYLINDER HEAD table              under ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS.
3. If removing intake manifold covers from cylinder head, remove bolts and intake manifold cover. Intake manifold        cover is located on side of cylinder head. DO NOT bend intake manifold cover, as RTV sealant retains cover on            cylinder head. To install, apply RTV sealant on sealing surfaces of intake manifold cover. Install intake manifold          cover. Tighten bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.
4. Remove injector control pressure sensor and “O” ring from cylinder head if necessary.
Injector control pressure sensor is located on driver side cylinder head. Before installing injector control pressure        sensor, apply Threadlock® sealant on threads of injector control pressure sensor. Install injector control pressure      sensor using NEW “O” ring. Tighten injector control pressure sensor to specification. See TORQUE                               SPECIFICATIONS.
5. If necessary to replace fuel injector sleeve in cylinder head, see FUEL INJECTORS under REMOVAL &                          INSTALLATION.