7.3L Power Stroke – OVERHAUL – CYLINDER HEAD – Valve Guides

1. Using the Dial Indicator with Brackets (100-002, TOOL-4201-C) and Valve Stem Checking Tool (303-004, TOOL-      6505-E), check valve stem-to-valve guide oil clearance.
Install a valve stem checking tool on the valve stem and install a dial indicator with brackets. See Fig. 132.

2. Lower the valve until the valve stem checking tool contacts the upper surface of the valve guide. Move the valve            stem checking tool toward the indicator and zero the indicator. Move the valve stem checking tool away from the        indicator and note the reading. The reading will be DOUBLE the valve stem-to-valve guide clearance.
3. Valves with oversize stems will need to be installed if out of specification. See CYLINDER HEAD table under                 ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS.