Bosch-Common Rail System – Fuel injector correction factor

1 Fuel injector
2 Identification number

Inside the hydraulic servo system there are various restrictions with extremely small diameters which have specific manufacturing tolerances.

These manufacturing tolerances are given as part of an identification number which is located on the outside of the fuel injector.

To ensure optimum fuel metering, the PCM must be informed of a change of fuel injector.

Furthermore, once new PCM software has been loaded via WDS, the fuel injectors must also be configured using it.

This is achieved by inputting the 8-digit identification number (divided into two blocks of four on the fuel injector) into the PCM by means of WDS and taking into account the corresponding cylinder.

Note: If the identification numbers are not entered properly with WDS, the following faults can occur:

• Increased black smoke formation,
• Irregular idling
• Increased combustion noise.

27. August 2018 by Ron
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