Bosch-Common Rail System – Fuel injectors

1 Connection, leak-off pipe
2 Retainer
3 Plastic ring
4 Seal ring
5 Combustion chamber seal
6 High pressure fuel line connection
7 Electrical connection – solenoid valve

NOTE: The combustion chamber sealing rings must not be reused.

The exact procedure for the correct installation of the sealing rings and the plastic rings can be found in the current Service Literature.

Start of injection and injected fuel quantity are adjusted via the fuel injectors.

To achieve the optimum injection timing and exact injected quantity, the Bosch common rail system uses special fuel injectors with a hydraulic servo system and electric actuator (solenoid valve).

The fuel injectors are actuated directly by the PCM. The PCM specifies the injected quantity and the injection timing.

The fuel injectors are divided into different function blocks:
• Injector nozzle,
• Hydraulic servo system,
• Solenoid valve.

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