Denso-Common Rail System – High-pressure system

The illustration shows the system in the 2.4L Duratorq-TDCi

1 High pressure line
2 Leak-off pipe
3 Fuel injection line
4 Fuel injector
5 Pressure limiting valve
6 Fuel rail
7 Fuel metering valve
8 Fuel pressure sensor
9 Fuel temperature sensor
10 High pressure pump
11 Fuel return

High-pressure line and injector tubes

NOTE: The bending radii are exactly matched to the system and must not be changed.

NOTE: After disconnecting one or more high pressure fuel lines, these must always be replaced. Reason: The reason for this is that leaks can occur when re-tightening, due to distortion of the connections of the old lines.

The high-pressure fuel lines connect the high-pressure pump to the fuel rail and the fuel rail to the individual fuel injectors.

Fuel pressure sensor

The fuel pressure sensor must not be replaced separately in the event of a fault. The whole fuel rail must always be replaced in the event of a fault.

Fuel injectors

When replacing one (or more) fuel injector(s) this must be signaled to the PCM through the input of a 16-digit code. This code is located in the head area of the fuel injector.

High pressure system leak test

After working on the high-pressure system (e.g. after replacing a fuel injector or after replacing the high pressure pump or the injector tubes) a high-pressure system leak test must be conducted with the aid of WDS.

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