Cummins N14 – Accessory Drive Gear – Replacement

Install the shaft and gear assembly in an arbor press with the part number side of the gear facing upwards.
Caution: Do not let the shaft fall when removing it from the drive gear. Damage to the shaft or personal injury can
Push the shaft from the gear.

Clean the parts with solvent. Dry with compressed air.

Visually inspect the gear for cracks, chipped, or broken teeth.
Inspect the bore of the gear for fretting or burrs.
NOTE: If the fretting, burrs, or raised material can not be removed with a fine crocus cloth, replace the gear.

Visually inspect the shaft in the gear fit area for fretting or burrs.
NOTE: If fretting or burrs can not be removed with a fine crocus cloth, replace the shaft.

Measure the inside diameter of the drive gear.

Measure the drive shaft outside diameter at the gear fit location.

Use a lead hammer to install the groove pin(s) in the shaft.
NOTE: If the groove pins have been removed, install the tapered end of the groove pin into the shaft. Incorrect installation will result in interference with the gear keyway or cause damage to the gear cover accessory drive bushing.

Caution: The jaws of the vise must have copper plates to prevent damage to the shaft.
Clamp the accessory drive shaft in a vise.
Apply Lubriplateா 105 or its equivalent to the gear fit area before installing the gear.

Place the accessory drive gear in an oven.
Caution: Do not exceed the temperature or time limits with the gear in the oven. The gear will be damaged.
Heat the gear to 205° C [400° F] for a minimum of 1 hour but no longer than 6 hours.

Caution: Wear asbestos gloves when handling heated parts. Hot parts can cause serious personal injury.
Caution: The part number on the gear must be facing away from the flange on the accessory drive shaft when
the gear is installed to prevent engine damage.
Remove the gear from the oven. Align the keyway in the gear with the groove pin in the accessory drive, and install
the gear on the shaft within 30 seconds.

Caution: Keep the accessory drive shaft in a vertical position until the gear has cooled. Do not use water to
reduce the cooling time; the gear will crack.