Cummins N14 – Cam Follower Assemblies – Installation

Install the new cam follower gaskets to the block as follows:
• Obtain a gasket with the same thickness as the gaskets removed.
• Install the gaskets over the dowel pins in the block.

NOTE: If the thickness of the original gaskets is unknown, install a gasket combination of 0.99 mm [0.039-inch] as a reference point.

NOTE: The Print-O-Seal gasket must be against the cylinder block with the sealing bead toward the cam follower housing.

Use clean 15W-40 oil to lubricate the camshaft lobes.
Install a new gasket on the guide studs and the dowels for the No. 1 cam follower housing.
Install the cam follower assembly as follows:
• Install the capscrews and the studs in the same position from where they were removed. Tighten the capscrews in the alternating sequence shown to the following torque values:
— Tighten to 20 N•m [15 ft-lb].
— Tighten to 47 N•m [35 ft-lb].

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