Cummins N14 – Cam Follower Assembly – Rebuild – Assembly

Use Lubriplateᮋ 105 or its equivalent to lubricate the bushingless cam followers and cam follower shafts.

Install the levers and the shafts in the housings.
NOTE: To prevent increased wear, install the cam follower levers and the shafts back in their original location in the

Install the cup plugs in the housings as follows:
1. Install two temporary capscrews in the shafts to prevent breaking the locking screws.
2. Put cup plug sealant, Part No. 3375068, on the cup plugs.
3. Use expansion plug driver (1), Part No. 3376813, to install the cup plugs. Install to a depth of 0.025 inch ±
0.010 inch below flush.
4. Remove the two temporary capscrews, and install the two locking screws in the shafts.
Torque Value: 2 N•m [15 in-lb]
NOTE: The heads of the locking screws must be flush or below flush with the gasket surface of the cam follower