Cummins N14 – Camshaft Gear – Replacement – Installation

NOTE: The accompanying chart lists different camshaft key part numbers, the degree of offset, and the approximate
injector timing change from nominal.

Use a plastic mallet to install the camshaft gear key.
NOTE: If the same camshaft and gear are used again, use the same part number key as the one that was removed.
Make sure the arrow on the key is pointing in the same direction as when it was removed.
Refer to the engine dataplate and the Control Parts List Manual, Bulletin No. 3379133, for the correct key part
number and key orientation.

Put the camshaft in a vertical position with the gear fit area (nose) pointing up.
Apply Lubriplateா 105 or its equivalent to the camshaft gear fit area before installing the gear.

Caution: Wear protective gloves when handling parts that have been heated to prevent personal injury.
Heat the gear in an oven at 260°C [500°F] for a minimum of 1 hour.
Remove the gear from the oven.
NOTE: Install the gear on the camshaft within 30 seconds after it is removed from the oven.

Caution: The timing marks and the part number on the gear must be facing away from the camshaft when the
gear is installed to prevent engine damage.
Align the gear keyway with the key in the camshaft, and install the gear.
NOTE: Keep the camshaft in a vertical position with the gear up until the gear has cooled.
Caution: Do not use water or oil to reduce the cooling time. The gear can crack. Allow the air to cool the gear.

If the gear does not seat against the locating shoulder on the camshaft, remove the gear and install it again.
Use a feeler gauge to check the clearance between the camshaft gear and the shoulder. The clearance must not
exceed 0.13 mm [0.005-inch].