Cummins N14 – Camshaft – Installation

Apply a film of Lubriplate 105 or its equivalent to both sides of the camshaft thrust washer.
Install the thrust washer on the camshaft.

Install four camshaft pilots, Part No. 3375268, over the base circle of the valve lobes between the camshaft journals.
Use a rubber band to hold the installation pilots in place.
The rubber band must straddle the valve lobes.

Apply a film of Lubriplateா 105 or its equivalent to the camshaft journals and the camshaft bushings.
Rotate the camshaft slowly as it is being installed in the cylinder block.

Align the ‘‘O’’ mark on the camshaft gear with the ‘‘O’’ mark on the crankshaft gear.
After aligning the ‘‘O’’ marks, push the camshaft in the bore until the thrust washer fits against the cylinder block.

Remove the camshaft installation pilots. Do not allow the rubber bands to fall into the camshaft cavity of the cylinder block when removing the installation pilots.

Use a dial indicator to check the backlash between the camshaft gear and the crankshaft gear.
Put the tip of the dial indicator against a tooth on the camshaft gear.

Turn the camshaft gear by hand as far as it will freely move, and set the dial indicator at ‘‘0’’ (zero).

Turn the camshaft gear by hand in the opposite direction as far as it will freely move, and read the dial indicator.

If the backlash is excessive, inspect the camshaft and crankshaft gears for tooth wear and replace if necessary.
If the backlash is tight, inspect for debris or damage to the gear teeth and check again.

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