Cummins N14 – Crankshaft – Cleaning

NOTE: New crankshafts are coated with a heavy preservative. Use solvent to thoroughly remove the coating. Brush or
flush the packing debris from the oil drillings before installing crankshaft in the engine. Use a light preservative to
prevent rust during engine rebuild.

Use a fine crocus cloth or a 400 grit emery cloth to remove discoloration or light scratches from the machined

Use a hone stone. Polish the outside diameter at the front and the rear oil seal locations, the flywheel mounting
location, and the vibration damper location. Remove all the small scratches and the grooves.

Use a bristle brush, Part No. ST-876, and solvent to clean all the oil drillings.

Warning: When using a steam cleaner, wear protective clothing and safety glasses or a face shield. Hot steam
can cause serious personal injury.
Steam clean the crankshaft and dry it with compressed air.
NOTE: Make sure to blow out the threaded holes on each end of the crankshaft and the oil drillings.