Cummins N14 – Crankshaft Gear – Replacement – Removal

Only remove the gear when the crankshaft or the gear is damaged.
Use a puller jaw, Part No. 3375839, and gear puller assembly, Part No. 3375834.
NOTE: The crankshaft gear puller kit, Part No. 3375840, contains the gear puller jaw and the bridge assemblies re-
quired for all Cummins engine models.

Install the puller jaw and the bridge assembly. Use engine oil to lubricate the puller jackscrew.
Caution: Do not exceed 475 N•m [350 ft-lb] of torque when turning the jackscrew on the puller jaw.
Hold the pry bar steady. Turn the jackscrew. Remove the gear.
Caution: Do not use a cutting torch. High temperature will damage the gear.
Heat can be applied with caution to help remove the gear.

Use a flat chisel and a hammer to remove the key.
Use caution when removing the key to prevent crank damage.

Visually inspect the crankshaft gear fit area for burrs or damage.
Use a fine crocus cloth to remove the burrs.