Cummins N14 – Cylinder Head – Rebuild – Cleaning

Warning: Use protective measures to prevent personal injury.
Install the cylinder head and the parts in a tank of cleaning solution.
NOTE: Follow the cleaning solution manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning the parts.

Remove the cylinder head and parts from the cleaning tank.
Use fuel passage cleaning brush, Part No. ST-876, to clean the fuel and the oil passages with solvent. Dry with
compressed air.
Visually inspect the fuel and the oil passages to make sure they are clean.

Clean the combustion deck exhaust and the intake manifold gasket surfaces with a Scotch-Briteᮋ, Part No.
3823258, or its equivalent and diesel fuel or solvent.

Clean with solvent. Dry with compressed air.

Use a straight edge and a 0.003-inch feeler gauge to measure the flatness of the cylinder head gasket surface.

NOTE: If the cylinder head is worn more than the maximum specified above, the cylinder head must be resurfaced. Refer to the Alternative Repair Manual, Bulletin No. 3379035.

Measure the thickness of the cylinder head.

Measure the free height of the valve spring.

Use valve spring tester, Part No. 3375182, to measure the valve spring load at the valve spring working height.

NOTE: If the valve spring load for the working height is less than the minimum specified, the valve spring(s) must be