Cummins N14 – Cylinder Head – Rebuild – Disassembly

Install the cylinder head in the head holding fixture, Part No. ST-583, as shown.
NOTE: Do not install the cylinder head in the holding fixture if a valve spring compressor, Part No. ST-1022, is used.

Use valve spring compressor, Part No. ST-448, or its equivalent (refer to the Service Tools list) to compress the
valve springs.
NOTE: Install a wooden block between the valves and the head holding fixture to support the valves.
NOTE: Valve spring stand, Part No. ST-1022, and the compressor plate, Part No. ST-1026, can be used to compress
all eight springs at the same time.

Use a pencil magnet to remove the valve collets. Discard the valve collets.
Slowly release the pressure on the valve spring.

Remove the valve spring retainer.
Remove the valve spring(s).
Remove the valve stem seal.

Remove the valves.
NOTE: Mark the location of the valves with an engraving tool as they are removed. The intake and exhaust valves are
manufactured from different materials. The exhaust valves can be installed in the intake valve location. Do not install
the intake valves in the exhaust location.
Repeat the procedure to remove the remaining valve collets, retainers, springs, stem seals, and valves.

Remove the pipe plugs and the fuel fittings from the cylinder head.
Use an expansion plug removal tool, Part No. 3823159, to remove the expansion plugs.
NOTE: Expansion plugs must be removed from the head casting for cleaning purposes.