Cummins N14 – Engine Dynamometer – Install Engine

Install the coolant pressure sensor (1).
Install the coolant temperature sensor (2).

Connect the coolant supply to the water inlet connection.
Connect the coolant return to the water outlet connection.
Install the drain plugs and close all of the water drain cocks.

Loosen the cooling system vent line.
Fill the system with coolant until it flows from the vent.
Tighten the vent line and finish filling the system.

Visually inspect the engine for coolant leaks.
Repair all leaks found.

The intake air piping must be plumbed through an aftercooler to control the temperature of the intake air during the run-in procedure. Rig an aftercooler beside the engine, and plumb the intake pipes from the turbocharger, through the aftercooler and back to the intake manifold.
Use a temperature gauge to measure the intake manifold temperature.
NOTE: Maintain the intake manifold air temperature at 66°C [150°F] or below during the dynamometer testing or run-in; if manifold temperature exceeds this limit, terminate the test and idle the engine to let it cool down. Do not idle more than 10 minutes. Testing can resume when the intake air temperature can be maintained below 66°C [150°F]. Under no circumstances is the intake manifold air temperature allowed to exceed 77°C [170°F].

Install a water manometer to the air inlet pipe of the turbocharger to measure inlet restriction.
NOTE: The manometer adapter must be installed at a 90 degree angle to the air flow in a straight section of pipe, one
pipe diameter before the turbocharger.
NOTE: A vacuum gauge can be used to record the intake air restriction.
Minimum Gauge Capacity: 760 mm H20 [30 inches H20].

Install a mercury manometer to a straight section of the exhaust piping near the turbocharger outlet to measure
exhaust restriction.
NOTE: The manometer must be scaled to record exhaust back pressure in excess of 75 mm [3.0 inches] of mercury.
NOTE: A pressure gauge can be used to record the exhaust back pressure.
Minimum Gauge Capacity: 254 mm Hg [10 inches Hg].

Remove the straight thread fitting in the accessory drive and install the lubricating oil temperature sensor.

Remove the pipe plug from the main oil rifle drilling in the cylinder block.
Install the lubricating oil pressure sensor.

Remove the pipe plug in the intake manifold just below the inlet air connection and install the intake manifold
pressure gauge.

Install the Part No. 3375150, Engine Blowby Tool, to the breather on the rocker lever cover to measure engine
crankcase pressure.
Install a water manometer, Part No. ST-1111-3, to the engine blowby tool.
Install a plug in the crankcase breather vent tube.
NOTE: A pressure gauge can be used to record the engine blowby.
Minimum Gauge Capacity: 1270 mm H20 [50 inches H20].