Cummins N14 – Gear Cover – Installation

Install one 7/16-20 X 4-inch guide stud in each side of the gear cover mounting flange to align the cover.
Install the gear cover gasket over the guide studs and the dowel pins.

NOTE: Use a film of Lubriplateா 105 or its equivalent or grease to hold the gear cover gasket in place, if necessary.

Install the gear cover. Install and tighten the mounting capscrews in the sequence shown.
Torque Value: 68 N•m [50 ft-lb]

Cut off the ends of the gasket even with the cylinder block oil pan mounting flange.

Mount a dial indicator on the front face of the crankshaft. Put the indicator plunger against the oil seal bore, and set the dial indicator to ‘‘0’’ (zero).
Rotate the crankshaft one complete revolution while monitoring the indicator. The total indicator reading must not exceed 0.38 mm [0.015-inch].

If the total indicator runout exceeds 0.38 mm [0.015 inch], remove the gear cover. Check the cover and the housing for nicks or burrs.
Clean the gear cover and the housing surfaces thoroughly.

Repeat the gear cover installation procedure, and check the total indicator runout again. If the total indicator read out is not within specifications, the gear cover must be replaced.

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