Cummins N14 – Lubricating Oil Cooler Assembly – Rebuild – Disassembly

Remove the four filter head 12 point capscrews and the filter head.

Remove the coolant filter shutoff valve retaining capscrew and washer.
Remove the shutoff valve and the o-ring.

Remove the oil cooler core hold down capscrews.

Remove the oil cooler core from the oil cooler transfer connection (housing) by pulling the oil cooler water transfer tubes out of the o-ring adapters.

Remove the four adapter plate capscrews and the o-ring adapters.

Remove the six capscrews which connect the oil cooler support to the oil cooler transfer housing.

Remove the oil cooler bypass valve and the spacer plate.

Loosen the lubricating oil filter bypass valve retaining plug with a 5/16-inch hexagon allen wrench.

Remove the retaining plug (1), the plunger (2), spring (3), and the poppet valve (4) from the lubricating oil cooler
transfer housing (5).

If the poppet valve sticks in the housing, it can be removed with the aid of a bent wire or by using your finger.

Remove Compucheką®¾ fittings and straight thread o-ring plugs from the transfer housing and support.
Remove the transfer housing support bracket.