Cummins N14 – Rocker Lever – Assembly

Use clean 15W-40 oil to lubricate the threads of the adjusting screws.

Install the adjusting screw and lock nut in each rocker lever. Do not tighten the lock nuts.

Install the exhaust (1), injector (2), and intake (3) rocker levers onto the shaft.
The two levers closest to the center of the rocker housing are the intake valve rocker levers. The levers closest to
the end of the rocker housing are the exhaust valve rocker levers.

Caution: If the adjusting screws protrude beyond the maximum listed below, the push rods can be damaged
when the housing capscrews are tightened. Do not attempt to install the rocker lever or shaft assemblies again
without resetting the lash.
Loosen the rocker lever adjusting screws so there is a maximum of 32 mm [1.250 inches] from the top surface
of the lever and the ball end of the adjusting screw.

Place the rocker lever assembly over the dowel pin and dowel ring located in the rocker housing.
NOTE: Do not damage the dowel pin and dowel ring located in the rocker housing.

Make sure the push rods are in the cam follower sockets and align the push rods with the injector and valve rocker
lever adjusting screws.
Alternately tighten the rocker shaft capscrews in 54 N•m [40 ft-lb] increments to 156 N•m [115 ft-lb].

Adjust the valves and injectors. Refer to Procedure 7-04 in the N14 Troubleshooting and Repair Manual, Bulletin
No. 3810456.