Cummins N14 – Testing – Lubricating Oil Filter Bypass Valve Poppet Valve Spring – Assembly

Install straight thread o-ring plugs.
Torque Value: 35 N•m [25 ft-lb]
Install Compuchekᮋ fittings.
Torque Value: 14 N•m [10 ft-lb]
Install the transfer housing support bracket.
Torque Value: 45 N•m [35 ft-lb]

Install the oil cooler bypass valve into the transfer housing.

Place the spacer plate and a new spacer gasket on the oil cooler support. Use two of the connection retainer
capscrews to keep the gasket and plate loosely aligned on the support.
Install the transfer housing, a new transfer connection gasket, and the six capscrews that hold the oil cooler
support to the oil cooler transfer housing. Tighten the capscrews.
Torque Value: 47 N•m [35 ft-lb]

Install the connection retainer and o-ring adapters with new o-rings. Do not tighten the four retainer capscrews
at this time. Adapters must be loose so they will align with the transfer tubes.
NOTE: Be careful to keep o-rings in place when installing the adapters and retainer.