Fuel Filtration Systems

Clean fuel that meets Caterpillar fuel recommendations provides outstanding engine service life and performance. The use of lesser fuels is a compromise and the risk is the user’s responsibility. Fuels not meeting Caterpillar’s minimum specifications as described in SEBU 6251 will adversely affect:
– The perceived performance of the combustion system and fuel filters.
– The service life of the fuel injection system, valves, pistons, rings, liners and bearings.

Even when fuel is handled very carefully, foreign particles will find their way in during handling or storage. Foreign particles could be paint flakes, dust, sand, rust or microbiologic particles.

Clean fuel is necessary for dependable engine performance. Engine filters protect the fuel injection pumps and nozzles and should never be removed or bypassed. The compareison in Figure 7 demonstrates the very tight clearance in the fuel system and the size of visible particles.

Primary filters will extend engine filter and transfer pump life. Water and sediment traps can be included upstream of the transfer pump, but pump flow must not be restricted.


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