Typical Distillate Fuel Centrifuge System

Centrifuge seal water and control air requirements must be specified by the centrifuge manufacturer.

Sample Points
The centrifuge operating efficiency is checked by drawing samples from both sides of the centrifuge.

Suction Strainer
Install a simplex strainer ahead of the centrifuge supply pump and use a stainless steel basket with perforations sized nominally at 0.8 mm (0.03125 in) to protect the pump. The strainer body is normally manufactured from cast iron or

Centrifuge Supply Pump
Mount an electric motor driven supply pump separately from the centrifuge and size it appropriately for the centrifuge flow. The following pump characteristics are provided for guidance:
– Operating pressure – to suit conditions of piping system
– Operating fluid temperature – 38°C (100°F)
– Viscosity for sizing pump motor – 500 cSt

Centrifuge Fuel Heater
The heater is sized using the pump capacity and the temperature rise required between the settling tank and the final centrifuge. The heater should be thermostatically controlled and set to maintain fuel temperature to the centrifuge within ± 2°C (± 4°F). The maximum preheating temperature for distillate fuel is 40° to 50°C (104° to 122°F).

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