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1023E, 1025R and 1026R – Install Crankshaft and Main Bearings: 3TNM74

[1] – Clean and inspect all parts. Make sure that all gasket material has been removed from mating surfaces.

[2] – Install upper main bearing inserts (A) drilled with oil passage in cylinder block bearing bores, aligning tangs with slots in bores.

[3] – Lubricate bearing shells and install crankshaft into engine block.

[4] – Lubricate and install plain thrust bearing halves (C) into engine block with oil grooves facing crankshaft. Turn bearing into engine block until ends of bearing are flush with engine block.

[5] – Lubricate and install tabbed bearing halves with oil grooves (E) toward crankshaft.

[6] – Turn the inside bearing assembly clockwise until tab (F) is against engine block in the 3 o’clock position as shown.

[7] – Turn the outside bearing counterclockwise until the tab (F) is against the engine block in the nine o’clock position as shown.

[8] – Install the lower main bearing inserts into the ladder frame aligning tab (G) on bearing with cutout in ladder frame.

[9] – Place a bead of John Deere form-in-place gasket (H) on each side of ladder frame assembly as shown. Make sure that sealant is applied to edge of oil seal bore. Wipe excess sealant out of oil seal bore after tightening ladder frame bolts.

[10] – Install new O-ring (I) on engine block.

[11] – Lubricate bearings and crankshaft journals and carefully lower the ladder frame on to the engine block. Lubricate cap screws and tighten to specification in the sequence shown.